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Repackaging Services

Repackaging Services Corporation

Repackaging Services Corporation is a division of Morre-Tec Industries providing blending, grinding, and repackaging services of non-hazardous and food grade chemicals and natural products. The 20,000 ft. facility operates under ISO 9001-FSSC 22000 and cGMP standards. The work area is divided into individualized bays to ensure cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination of products.

Service Details

Repackaging Services offers customization of your products or our products to meet your company specific requirements. With round-the-clock production our facility offers greater flexibility for your processing and packaging needs.

We invite any inquiries for blending, grinding, repackaging or any special needs with which we can assist your company. Repackaging Services is expanding our offerings on a regular basis, so please contact us to speak with a professional regarding your specific requirements.


Repackaging Services offers automated repackaging systems for transferring bulk solids into drums, boxes or bags, packaging up to 20,000 to 25,000 pounds per shift.

Micronized Products:

Repackaging Services routinely processes truckload quantities.

A patented micronizing technology, called Vortex Milling, produces 1-5 micron particles with a narrow particle size distribution.

Blending, Grinding, or Repackaging:

If your needs include blending, grinding, and packaging, or any combination, our processing room with a large capacity stainless steel pre-crusher, a 40 cubic foot (300 gallon) stainless steel Ribbon Blender, a Condux Blast Mill capable of grinding to 200 mesh particle size, and an automated weighing station, easily fulfill these requirements.

Find Out How We Can Help

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