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MORRE-TEC Donates an Ambulance in Honor of Their Employees!

Morre-Tec Industries Inc. in Union recently held a celebratory event to mark a special occasion.

Founder Len Glass decided that In recognition of the “dedication and hard work” of the “loyal employees” during the COVID-19, the company would donate an ambulance to Magen David Adom, Israel. So, on Monday, June 21, a dedication ceremony was held at the company headquarters on Gary Road. The Mobile Intensive Unit will be shipped to Israel, where “it will join MDA’s lifesaving fleet as they respond to emergency situations.”

Morre-Tec works with bromine, and a simple salt, magnesium chloride, both sourced from the Dead Sea. These can be used for items including photo film and its processing as well as ingredients for infant formula. The company also develops water-soluble formulations for ingredients including vitamins A, E, K and Vitamin D3.

“The decision to dedicate the ambulance to Magen Dovid Adom in Israel was in support of Israel, which is a significant source of our raw material supply for some of our products,” said Len Glass, adding, “We chose the ambulance since it is humanitarian, serving all of the country’s citizens, Israeli and Arabs and is critical in saving lives.”

Glass said the ambulance “was dedicated to our employees in recognition of their support and commitment, enabling us to continue producing several of our products, including Vitamin D3, proven to be relevant to the COVID-19 effects.”


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