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Drink Your Sunshine in a Bottle With Good Rāz

Vitamin D has been all over the news. It has long played a role in supporting bone health, immunity and mood positivity. Recent studies have shown a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and severe effects from COVID-19. While we can “soak up” some vitamin D by getting out into the sunshine, this is not without risk. If you want to get more vitamin D safely, meet Good Rāz (pronounced Good Rays)—vitamin D drops.

GoodRaz liquid Vitamind D drops.

Good Rāz is manufactured by MORRE-TEC Industries, Union, NJ, a producer of personal care and nutritional products, founded by Teaneck resident Len Glass in 1987. He manages the company with his son Michael of Chicago, and sons-in-law Aaron Kopstick of Bergenfield and Mo Fuchs of Teaneck, with a staff of 30+ employees. The name MORRE-TEC is an acronym for the first letters of each of his children’s names and that of his wife (Michael, Ozi, Rina, Rachel and Estelle).

In a recent interview, Glass said that acquiring the company Vitacyclix in 2016 gave MORRE-TEC the unique ability to render oil-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K totally water-soluble. They sell to manufacturers such as major dairies, food processors and juice manufacturers who fortify their products with these materials.

COVID-19 offered an opportunity for MORRE-TEC to take this technology and help consumers directly by introducing its first direct to retail product—Good Rāz Liquid Vitamin D Drops. “This unique product enables individuals to adopt a simple and effective means to increase their vitamin D levels and to improve their immunity and general health. The efficacy of utilizing vitamin D to alleviate the effects of COVID and to shore up immunity against it has been promoted in many health studies,” said Glass.

Michael Glass, senior vice president for sales and marketing, added, “The benefits of vitamin D for immunity and overall wellness are well documented, but many people are still deficient because we’re stuck indoors or protecting our skin when out in the sun.” Good Rāz overcomes the drawbacks of adding vitamin D in pill form or oil-based liquid. “Liquid vitamins based in oil have an unpleasant taste that is not appealing, not to mention people don’t like taking pills. Our product is water soluble, colorless and tasteless—I can simply put it in my coffee or water bottle.” Good Rāz is also certified kosher, as well as gluten and allergen free. Michael said the name Good Rāz is a nod to his childhood days spent under the bright Catskills sun at Sun-Ray Bungalows in South Fallsburg, New York. Remembering those times, he came up with the tagline “Turn Good Rāz into Good Days.”

GoodRaz can go in coffee or any beverage

Mo Fuchs, VP of market analysis and TABC hockey coach for 27 years, said he specializes in selling water-soluble vitamin D to large business clients and has also been involved in developing Good Rāz for consumers. “I enjoy helping people, and with Good Rāz we are helping a broader community with a healthful product people can easily benefit from.”

Aaron Kopstick, CFO, said part of MORRE-TEC’s mission has always been to give back to the community. MORRE-TEC is a prominent donor to many local, national and international non-profit organizations. With great excitement, MORRE-TEC has also committed to donate an ambulance to Magen Dovid Adom in Israel later this year.


Originally published in the Jewish Link of New Jersey on April 22, 2021:

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