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Freeman Vitamins

Vitacyclix brand of “Freeman Vitamins” have been fortifying milk, orange & fruit juices, beverages and foods for over 50 years

Vitacyclix Vitamin A and D water-soluble and oil-soluble liquid concentrates are widely used by some of the largest dairy, food and beverage producers in the world. Millions of adults and babies today have their health protected by Vitacyclix Vitamin D.

Advantages of Vitacyclix’s water-soluble vitamins

  • over 50 years of safety and effectiveness in the market.
  • No adverse taste preserves the integrity of the food.
  • Vitacyclix Vitamins completely and instantly dissolve to produce crystal clear liquids
  • Vitacyclix water soluble Vitamin D is better absorbed into the blood than fatty Vitamin D products
  • Higher concentrations of Vitamin D achieved than with competitive products
  • Easy to fortify milk directly in carrier trucks, vats or in-line feeders

Advantages of Vitacyclix Vitamins in Oils

  • we use only the highest quality plant oils
  • custom manufactured to your needs for potency
  • custom manufactured using oil of your choice
  • packaged in many volume sizes

Liquid Vitamin Concentrates for milk, juices and beverages


for fortification of milk , dairy products, fruit drinks and beverages. Exclusive and proprietary formulations. Achieve crystal clear water solutions instantly.
If you have special potency requirements please enquire.

Aqueous Vitamin A and D (1:40)

Vitamin A 80,000 IU /ml; Vitamin D3 16,000 IU/ml;
Add1 ml to fortify 40 quarts of milk.

Aqua A Solution (1:40)

Vitamin A 80,000 IU/ml;
Add 1 ml to fortify 40 quarts of milk.

D3’Sol  400,000 IUs/ml

Dilute 1 ml into 1000 quart in milk, juice or other beverages
Available in 500 ml or 2 litre containers.

D2’Sol  400,000 IUs/ml

Dilute 1 ml into 1000 quarts of milk, juice  or other liquids
Available in 500 ml or 2 litre containers


Vitamin A and vitamin D are formulated in variety of oils : fish oil, corn oil, palm oil, coconut oil , olive oil, vegetable oil and cottonseed oil (kosher for Passover).
If you have special needs for a particular oil or vitamin potency, please enquire.

Our most popular products are :


in Fish Oil  – 1,000,000 IU/gm – packed  1 gallon, 5 gallon pail

VITAMIN D3 in Fish Oil

–  1,000,000 IU/gm  – packed 1 gallon, 5 gallon pail

VITAMIN A Palmitate & Vitamin D3 in corn oil

1,000,000 IU /ml Vit. A & 100,000 IU/ml Vit D3
Packed 1 gallon; 5 gallon pail

VITAMIN A Palmitate in vegetable oil

200,000 IU/ml Vit A.
Packed 1 gallon; 5 gallon pail.