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Jedco Adhesives has been producing specialty adhesives for over 40 years. Our water and solvent based adhesives provide solutions for bonding difficult surfaces in a variety of applications in packaging, plastics, foam, non-wovens, marine, and other industries.


  • Jedbond # 71-240E – A quick setting water based adhesive with excellent adhesion to synthetic fibers and plastics.Used in manufacture of non-woven/cellulose constructions for air filters, poly coated paperboard packages, hang tabs and high speed bonding of porous substrates
  • Jedbond #83-107A – A strong water based adhesive with unique good adhesion to many difficult plastic surfaces such as UV coated board.Used to bond thermoset, catalyzed or UV coated board and laminating untreated polypropylene or polyester film to paper and other porous materials
  • Jedbond #81-606 – A solvent based adhesive for difficult-to-bond plastic materials such as untreated polyethylene foam, pp, mylar, synthetic rubber and fabrics.Used to bond foam substrates in marine applications and insulation. It can also be used as a contact adhesive for plastic to plastic bonding.
  • Full line of solvent based plastic cements for bonding acrylic, pvc, styrene and vinyl.