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About Our Divisions

As a family owned business for 30 years, MTI has proven its expertise and success in several areas including:

Functional & Nutritional ingredients – Minerals, vitamins and other key Food and Flavor Ingredients

Extracts and Cosmetic Ingredients – Natural and other key specialized components for specialized cosmetic formulations where we offer active dynamics for a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Specialty Chemicals – categories specializing in Bromine Compounds and Blends.

Extracts and Cosmetic Ingredients

Our Cosmetic & Personal Care Ingredient Group supplies Vegetable Oils and Powders, Essential Oils, Butters, Scrubs, Botanical Extracts, Specialty Actives and other cosmetic ingredient products. Products are available in natural, conventional and organic certified versions.

  • Vegetable Oils
    • Fixed and Unique types in Conventional, Organic and Internally Stabilized versions
  • Butters
    • Conventional and Exotic, Organic and Internally Stabilized versions
  • Essential Oils
  • Olive Oil Derivatives
    • Natural Emulsifiers, Surfactants and Emollients
  • Specialty Actives
    • Anti-Aging, Skin Lightening, Anti-Scarring, SPF Booster and Reduction in Hair Loss
  • Pomegranate Products
    • Seed Oil, Extracts, Scrubs & Powders
  • Botanical Extracts
    • Standard, custom and specialty blends
  • Scrubs & Powders
  • Other Cosmetic Ingredients
    • Antiperspirant Actives
    • Emollients
    • Oral Care actives
    • Surfactants

Functional & Nutritional Ingredient Group

MORRE-TEC Industries has most recently formed a new Business Unit to focus its attention on the Functional & Nutritional Ingredient Group (FUNU).  This Business Unit formation was initiated by the Acquisition of Vitacyclix.  Vitacyclix has marketed Water Soluble Liquid and Powdered Vitamins and this technology is unique to MORRE-TEC Ind. Inc.

Vitacyclix was acquired in May 2016 and joins together our minerals to form a great product portfolio of Functional & Nutritional Ingredient Group (FUNU) Products.  This FUNU Ingredient Group supplies minerals, water soluble liquid and powdered vitamins, high potent vitamins, fruit and citrus pectin, fibers-proteins, Phytosterols, nutritive oils and fortification vitamin/mineral blends.

Specialty Chemical Business Group

MORRE-TEC Industries Inc. has over 30 years of experience in Bromine Chemistry, and ranging from organic to inorganic compounds, MORRE-TEC has earned the reputation of being one of the most diversified suppliers of Bromine Compounds, ranging from kg to multi-ton lot quantities. In addition to Bromine Chemistry, MORRE-TEC offers various technologies that include fluorination, peptide coupling, Grignard and heterocyclic chemistries.